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Let us keep the Paete Spirit Alive!!!
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total $ received $4,955.
Pledges $561.00
total contribution $5,516.00

would like to extend my gratitude to Paete Chapter for offering to work on family listing, volunteers, food, tarpaulin and cleaning after the event..salamat po Pres Andy Villarin.

Paulit-ulit po akong nagpapasalamat sa mga conributors, sa tulong po ninyo 420 families will receive pamaskong handog ng Paetenians international..

Gen Bay 2 army trucks and 8 soldiers will transport the goods to our town plaza for re-packing and distribution on the 23rd.

Paete Chapter is in charge of the short program and distributions with the help of Gen Bay.
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I would like to thank each one of our contributors. Dahil po sa tulong ninyo 400 families ang mabibigyan ng Pamaskong handog ng Paetenians International.

Del Monte spaghetti 900gm
Del Monte spaghetti sauce 1kg
Eden Cheese 185g
555 Sardines (6 cans)
Quick Chow Noodles Chicken/Beef (6)
Maling Luncheon meat 340 grs/can
Sinandomeng Rice (4kilos)
Eco Bags

from the bottom of my heart " I salute all of you for your concerned, kindness and generosity".

My prayer is all Paetenians abroad should be united and not to stop helping our kababayan in needs during this Christmas season.

Mabuhay at Maligayang Pasko.
Naway kasihan kayo ng mariwasang buhay at magandang kalusugan.

Aurelia Pascual
Paetenians International
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Checks & Cash USD
Alicia & Simeon Bagalso 30.00
Andrew & Jo Afuang 30.00
Angelito Afuang 30.00
Araceli Iturralde 30.00
Aurelia Pascual-Cash 100.00
Barbara LaRocca 200.00
Bheng & Daniel Chiasson 50.00
Boy Africano 30.00
Cristina & Ferdie Salaber 25.00
Cristy Cagandahan Torres 30.00
Doc Tabia 75.00
Dolora Navarro Galan 60.00
Editha Afurong 30.00
Editha Casilag-Switzerland-Cash 100.00
Elliot Horowitz 100.00
Emma Validivia Barretto 30.00
Fred & Cora Cagayat 100.00
Glo Mesoza - Cash 30.00
Ibok & Liza Roque 100.00
Josie Cadang-Girlea 30.00
Justine/Magie Marasigan 30.00
Leticia Madridejos 50.00
Loreto & Betty Aduna 50.00
Lourdes Baisas -Sarmiento 50.00
Marina & Danny Sulit 30.00
Menchie Cagandahan Pascual 30.00
Nemie Baldemor Diaz 50.00
Net & Bong Bagalso 30.00
PI-Canada 500.00
PI-Chicago 1,485.00
PI-SOCAl 700.00
PI-SOCAl 400.00
Rogel & Mila Afuang 30.00
Rosalina Fadul 30.00
Virgil Madrinan 50.00

Total Cash n checks received $4,725.00 as of 12/14/15

PI-Chicago 285.00
PI-SOCAl 381.00

total $ Contributions 5,391.00
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PI-Chicago Midwest Chapter
List of Donors

Adao, Bill/Fay $100
Adao, Boyet/Lynn $30
Adao, Ludy $50
Afuang, Cesar/Glo $150
Agbay, Arvin/Melanie $200
Altamero, Tom/Cia $50
Balan, Paul/Marra $50
Butzen, Mel/Dennis $50
Cachola, Arnold/Rachel $50
Cagandahan, Tarco/Virgie $50
Concepcion, Janet $30
Cruz, Ludy
Dela Cruz, Jess/Lita $50
DeUngria Family $100
Gonzales, Alvin/Cel $50
Madridejos, Tom/Lita $100
Milan, Remigio, Jr $250
Navarro, Edith $30
Ortiz, Joven/Rose $100
Villamater, Bong/Estela $50
Fraser-Vitor Malou/Ryan $50
Vitor, Luis/Baby $100
Total $1,715
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Yes I meant it is so fulfiling thanks good catch..
PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:09 pm    Post subject: Paskuhan 2015

I hope what aureliap meant was "It is so fulfilling" and not "Isn't so fulfilling."
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Thank you to all Paetenians who are concerned!

Good news is for every $30.00 you sent 2 families will have their Noche Buena for this coming Christmas Eve. Isn't so fulfilling that we do something good this holiday even in a little way.

I hope and wish everyone read this will do the same.

Its not too late yet you can still send your donation. So far we are covering 300 families and wishes to increase this number. the more the merrier.

Make your check payable to PAETENIANS USA
Mail to: Aurelia Pascual
175 Goldmine Lane
Old Bridge NJ 08857

Donations received:
Northeast - $1,130
Southern California - $700
Switzerland - $100

Canada $500.
Chicago - $1600

Maraming Salamat Po! God Bless All of Us..

Paetenians International
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Reminder to the other chapters and Paetenians all over the world please send your donation I am praying hard that you will open your wallet and will generously send your donation now na..

Check payable to Paetenians USA..

Joy to the world!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:43 pm    Post subject: Donation received

Received as of December 09, 2015

Edith Afurong $30
Lourdes Sarmiento $50
Angelito Afuang $30
Leticia Madridejos $50
Loreto & Bettty Aduna $50
Elliot Horowitz $100
Barbara LaRocca $200
Aurelia Pascual $100
Editha Casilag $100 - Switzerland
Nemie Baldemor Diaz $50
Emma Valdevia Baretto $30
Cristy Torres $30
Menchie Pascual $30
Bheng & Daniel Chiasson - $50
Rogel & Mila Afuang -$30
Jojo & Margie Marasigan $30
Doct Tabia - $75
PI-Chicago - $1,485

Southern California:
Benny & Lita Cagayat $100
Fely Baldemor Reinders $100
Atty. Crispin & Tess Lozano $100
Evelyn Villarin Schuman $50
Willie & Margie Rondillo $50.
Rene & Daisy Madridejos $50.
Gene V - $50
Daisy Madrinan $25
Sonia & Phil Paelmo $50
Sam & Marie Manongdo $50
Other Pledges $75

Total cash and check received $3,520.00

Canada $500
Julian & Gloria Basa Caguin - $56.
Primo & Imelda Dalay Basa - $20.
Jerry & Julie Basa Nubla Nall - $20.
Rochelle & Melissa Basa Gatan - $20.
Mario & Agnes Jimenez Basa - $20.
Letty Sison - $50.
Ramon & Ampy Cagayat - $100.
Ebenezer & Lily Valdellon - $100.
Omar & Delia Adefuin - $50.
Chris & Army Cagayat - $50.
Marilou Villarin Encina - $50.
Angie Villarin - $50.
Less: ($75) pledge part of $700
total pledge balance $511.

Margie maraming maraming salamat sa tulong mo..

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat..God bless your heart..

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Gusto ko lamang pong linawin na Ang Paetenians International ay wala pong agendang pang pulitika..

Ang nais lamang po namin ay makatulong sa ating mga kababayan na nangangailangan sa abot ng aming makakaya.

Huwag pong bigyan ng kulay Ang aming pagtulong specially this coming Paskuhan 2015. We all know this is our annual charity event and because of this coming election I will appreciate everyone cooperation and understanding for not using this as one of your campaign segment. Let's be all in one family and SUPPORT Paskuhan Gift Giving.

Maraming salamat po.


Aurelia C. Pascual
Paetenians International
PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:37 pm    Post subject: Paetenians International So Cal Giving to Paskuhan 2015

Thank you to those who have given generously to Paskuhan 2015. We, as members of Paetenians International, have many reasons to be thankful this Thursday as we gather with our families and loved ones for Thanksgiving 2015. Thank you again for "giving" back to Paete!
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Donation received:
Glo Mesoza - $30
Rosalina Fadul - $30
Araceli Ituralde - $30
Virgil Madrinan - $50
Dolora Galan - $60
Fred/Cora Cagayat - $100

Thank you very much..

For those who did not send their donation yet please do it kind to others..

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